Each year the Maysville Country Club hosts multiple golf outings, tournaments, and events. Community partners, organizations, and members all play a role in making these successful.

Among our Club hosted tournaments are Chippeaways, Junior Chippeaways, and the Ladies 2-day. Chippeaways, our signature tournament, is the longest running match play event and one of the few left in Kentucky. MCC Members, guests, and the general public are all invited to participate.

Chippeways Winners

1935 Harold Oldham, Richmond, KY
1936 W. J. Winburn, Winchester, KY
1937 C. B. Bennett, Jr., Greenup, KY
1938 Central KY Open at MCC, No Chippeways
1939 Lloyd Ramsey, Lexington, KY

1940 Lloyd Ramsey, Lexington, KY
1941 Jack Kirk, Maysville, KY
1942 John Eversole, Lexington, KY
1943 Harry Keepers, Maysville, KY
1944 Tom Dewhurst, Lexington, KY

1945 Cliff Lenhardt, Louisville, KY
1946 Ben Owen, Lexington, KY
1947 Lohn Owens, Jr., Lexington, KY
1948 Jack Kirk, Maysville, KY
1949 Robert Thaxton, Winchester, KY

1950 Buddy Mahan, Winchester, KY
1951 Gay Brewer, Jr., Lexington, KY
1952 Gay Brewer, Jr., Lexington, KY
1953 Hunter Harris, Richmond, KY
1954 Hunter Harris, Richmond, KY

1955 William D. Calvert, Maysville, KY
1956 Tom Whiteway, Cleveland, OH
1957 Bobby Nichols, Louisville, KY
1958 Howard Saunders, Gallipolis, OH
1959 Wally Rose, Lexington, KY

1960 Johnny Kirk, Maysville, KY
1961 Johnny Kirk, Maysville, KY
1962 Wally Rose, Lexington, KY
1963 Buddy Mahan, Winchester, KY
1964 Alton McPherson, Lexington, KY

1965 Alton McPherson, Lexington, KY
1966 Gary L. Magee, Maysville, KY
1967 Gary L. Magee, Maysville, KY
1968 Gary L. Magee, Maysville, KY
1969 Gary Arnold

1970 Charles Traxel, Maysville, KY
1971 Wesley Martin, Winchester, KY
1972 Cole Mahan, Winchester, KY
1973 James Clapper, Hamilton, OH
1974 Ross Smith, Maysville, KY

1975 Bill Goldsmith, Maysville, KY
1976 Ross Smith, Maysville, KY
1977 Jeff Krumpleman,
1978 Wesley Martin, Winchester, KY
1979 Dr. Robert Curtis, Maysville, KY

1980 Robert Walton, Maysville, KY
1981 Stan Bickel, Fort Thomas, KY
1982 Danny Miller, Lexington, KY
1983 Bob Curtis, Maysville, KY
1984 Phillip Dawes, Morehead, KY

1985 Bart Mahan, Winchester, KY
1986 Bill Frazier, Maysville, KY
1987 Bill Dameron, Pikeville, KY
1988 Joe Traxel, Maysville, KY
1989 Bob Curtis, Maysville, KY

1990 Bob Bissett, Columbus, OH
1991 Chris Roberson, Maysville, KY
1992 Bob Curtis, Maysville, KY
1993 David White, Maysville, KY
1994 Bob McCann, Lexington, KY

1995 Eric Schumacher, Maysville, KY
1996 Eric Schumacher, Maysville, KY
1997 Matt McIntyre, Louisville, KY
1998 Ben Hensley, Maysville, KY
1999 Danny Biddle, Paris, KY

2000 Danny Biddle, Paris, KY
2001 Robert Walton, Maysville, KY
2002 Joe Traxel, Maysville, KY
2003 Mark Blakefield, Maysville, KY
2004 Mark Blakefield, Maysville, KY

2005 Mark Blakefield, Maysville, KY
2006 Bill Omara, Maysville, KY
2007 Eric Schumacher, Maysville, KY
2008 Chris Morris, Maysville, KY
2009 Drew Traxel, Maysville, KY

2010 Drew Traxel, Maysville, KY
2011 Zack Butler, Lexington, KY
2012 Troy Grooms, Maysville, KY
2013 Eric Schumacher, Maysville, KY
2014 Drew Traxel, Maysville, KY

2015 Jackson Frame, Maysville, KY

2016 Eric Schumacher, Maysville, KY

2017 Jackson Frame, Maysville, KY

2018 Jackson Frame, Maysville, KY

2019 Eric Schumacher, Maysville, KY




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